With rigorous discussion, The 8th CREEW Research Grant Program ends

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October 6, 2017

The 8th CREEW Research Grant Program 2016/2017 which awarded grants to 7 Master Course students for conducting their thesis research has come to an end on 6 Oct. 2017 with their final presentation of the thesis research.

The research presented were on anaerobic digestion of slaughter house wastes, hydro-geological mapping of Kathmandu Valley for groundwater recharge and groundwater resource assessment, hydro-morphological assessment of the river, climate change impact on river discharge, and theoretical assessment of irrigation and hydro-power potential.

The research presentations were observed and evaluated by Dr. Sangam Shrestha, CREEW Research Grant Advisor, Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey, President of CREEW, Mr. Dhiraj Pradhananga, Vice-President of CREEW, Dr. Rabin Malla, Executive Director of CREEW, and 3 supervisors of the grantees Prof. Ishowar Man Amatya, IoE/TU, Prof. Dr. Suresh Das Shrestha, CDG/TU and Dr. Sudeep Thakuri, CDES/TU. On every presentations specific and very valuable comments and suggestion was provided by all the academicians and professional researchers. In general they observed that the research themes were excellent in terms of gravity of the issue and context, but the researchers need more effort to improve their research capacity and presentation skill.

Further suggestion was provided to the researchers and the CREEW such as to think for inter-department or inter university/college collaboration to promote interdisciplinary research so as to help the researchers to improve the quality of research and sharing resources and knowledge; researchers sharing their major obstacles in research during presentation; grantees to prepare every presentation slide with clear cut information; and the need to carry out capacity building programs to young university students on research methodology, research implementation and power point presentation skill.

At the closing of the program, acknowledging CREEW the grantees shared how the CREEW Research Grant was helpful to them. Some said “the program helped us in timely completion of the research” and others said “the program was special as it provided valuable comments and suggestion, 3 times during the grant period, and thereby improving my research capacity”.

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