Water environment research shared with researchers at ICRE, UY

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After the attendance to the 20th KWEF Anniversary Ceremony on 24-25 August 2017, CREEW delegates made a sideline visit to Interdisciplinary Center for River Basin Environment (ICRE) of the University of Yamanashi (UY), Japan on 27-28 August 2017. The delegates were Dr. Vishnu Prasad Pandey, President, Dr. Sangam Shrestha, Founding President, and Dr. Rabin Malla, Executive Director.

In a meeting on 27 August, Prof. Nishida Kei shared about current education and researches situation and near future plans to enhance education and research at ICRE, UY considering also the students from developing countries. The delegates from CREEW also shared their experience and views on education and research in developing countries and expectations of the students aspiring to study abroad. The delegates delivered presentations on 28 August to the professors and researchers of ICRE, UY on water environment and water resources research at CREEW and potential areas for research collaboration.

CREEW and ICRE-UY have been collaborating research partners, especially on groundwater research and river basin environment research in Kathmandu Valley, since 2009.


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