Research Grantees and Experts Discussed Research Progress Online

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The master level students, who received the CREEW Research Grant on 21 December 2019, shared their research progress online via Zoom Platform on 16 May 2020. This mode of online sharing was due to the Government of Nepal imposed ‘lockdown’ from since 24 March 2020 throughout Nepal in a bid to contain the transmission of pandemic COVID-19.

As anywhere, CREEW also resorted to ‘Work from Home’ and, ‘Working Online’ modes of working. Grantees, their respective supervisor(s), CREEW executive members and staffs attended this online event. A brief presentation by the grantees on their research progress was followed by Q & A session where CREEW experts and invitees have put their queries and suggestions to the individual grantees.

It was noted that the planned timeline for research activity, mainly the field and laboratory work, was affected due to lockdown. Therefore, the grantees were asked to focus on desktop study and reviews of their research. They also asked to share the feedback received from the experts with their response in written form using the feedback template provided by CREEW by 22 May 2020.

The research areas of the grantees are on groundwater contamination of arsenic, land subsidence by groundwater extraction, heavy metals on Bagmati river, hydro-geochemical characteristics of groundwater, assessment of hydropower potential using SWAT model, comparative assessment of municipal solid waste management using LCA tools, comparative assessment of pollutant removal efficiencies of wastewater treatment plants, glacier lake development and GLOF, pesticide residues on vegetables and E-flow assessment.

CREEW Research Grant Program is the annual program supported by Kurita Water and Environment Foundation. Total 25 participants including 10 grantees and their respective supervisor, CREEW executive members and CREEW management team participated in the program.

CREEW sincerely acknowledge and appreciate all the participants of this event for making it a successful one.

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