Nepal is one of the disaster prone countries in the world. Rapid environment degradation and land use change coupled with impacts of climate change have made the fragile geology of Nepal more susceptible to landslide and flood. Number of casualties and loss in life and livelihood due to flood and landslide is being recorded every year. Furthermore, Global warming and the climate change is posing the threats of GLOF in the Himalayas, food and water security in the mountains and the plains. On the other hand, people are still relying on fossil fuels and forest as a source of energy. Access to the clean and safe drinking water is not adequate and awareness to hygiene and sanitation is not enough. Realising these national issues, an initiation is taken my CREEW to address the challenges with scientific research and development projects. CREEW is not-for-profit, non-governmental organization and operates on grants, aids and collaborations. If you wish to be the part of our initiative, you may donate in the following thematic areas.

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