CREEW participated in First RCM Meeting in IAEA Vienna, Austria

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6 October 2018

CREEW participated in the First Research Coordinated Meeting (RCM) on Coordinated Research Program (CRP) ‘Use of isotope technique for the evaluation of water sources for domestic supply in urban areas’ of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) held from 2-5 October 2018 at the headquarters of the IAEA, Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Rabin Malla from CREEW as Chief Scientific Investigator (CSI) of the research project ‘Evaluation of domestic water supply source using stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal’ shared research progress. In the meeting Dr. Malla also shared previous application of the isotope (hydrogen and oxygen) technique in the context of Kathmandu valley. CREEW is one of the project grant recipients under the CRP of the IAEA.

The organizer, IAEA, also organized a visit to their isotope hydrology lab and briefed about the existing facilities to the meeting participants.

The meeting was participated by 21 researchers from 16 grant recipient countries-Argentina, Morocco, Canada, China, USA, Slovenia, Romania, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Ecuador, South Africa, India, Vietnam, Italy, and Nepal.

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