CREEW marks its 10th Anniversary

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February 13, 2019

CREEW hosted an event on 12th February 2019 to mark its 10th anniversary at Le Sherpa Restaurant, Kathmandu. In the beginning, Dr. Vishnu P. Pandey, President of CREEW on behalf of the organization welcomed the invited guests from universities, government, research institutes, NGOs and INGOs, CREEW former staffs and grantees. He also conveyed the congratulatory message of the founding president Dr. Sangam Shrestha on the occasion of CREEW’s 10th anniversary.

The event began with introductory remarks on the context and vision of establishing CREEW by the President, Dr. Vishnu P. Pandey.

Dr. Pandey also recapped the projects, program and activities of the last 10 years. He shared that so far CREEW have completed and/or undertaking 17 projects and 13 programs/activities. He also mentioned the figure that CREEW have supported financially and provided technical input for 76 Masters Course CREEW Research Grantees and 6 CREEW Young Researcher Fellowships recipients; rendered capacity building activities such as GIS application, hydrological modeling, water sampling and basic water quality analysis skill to 94 people from government organizations, universities, NGOs and INGOs;17 symposiums and/or workshops have been organized on groundwater, rainwater, water environment and river basin management; in terms of publication, CREEW staffs and its executive members have published peer-reviewed 9 articles in international journals, 4 book chapters, 2 proceeding articles and 1 book; and CREEW have been working and worked with 14 national and international organizations, institutes and foundations.

The CREEW Research Grant Program for master’s students, collaborative groundwater research with the University of Yamanashi Japan and annually held National Groundwater Symposium were considered as 3 milestones achieved in 10 years.

Dr. Rabin Malla, Executive Director of CREEW, briefly presented the CREEW strategic plan (2019-2023) draft. He mentioned that strengths of CREEW are its long track record of working on areas of groundwater, water resources and hydrology, climate change; existence of functional basic lab facility for fresh water and waste water analysis; capacity building activities such as Masters course student grant and fellowships for mid-career researchers/professionals; and dissemination activities like symposiums and publications.  He therefore said that based on its strengths, CREEW has opportunities to grow, diversify and expand its number of projects/programs/activities and also the lab facility. He pointed out that challenge for CREEW are to seek fund to continue scientific research and study and also to advance development and promotional projects/programs/activities relating to water, energy and environment.

Dr. Malla, further went on to present the 4 CREEW strategic objectives and their action plans. They strategic objectives were to revamp the physical research infrastructure such as lab equipment and materials, software, etc.; strengthening research capacity of the human resources to achieve the organizational mission; strengthening collaboration with diverse partners to optimize the available resources and opportunities; and to steer CREEW towards as center of excellence for land water and environment.

Following the presentation of Dr. Malla, the invited guests provided comments and suggestion on the strategic plan. Some of them were to focus more on building the baseline database from own and /or others research/study, knowledge management and its dissemination to the policy level, capacity building of local organizations, and fellowship grant to PhD students.

The event was attended by 39 participants including members, government officials, academia, and grantee for the celebration.

Finally, Dr. Rabin Malla, thanked all the guests for accepting the invitation and joining CREEW to mark its 10th anniversary; and providing useful feedback on the strategic plan. He expressed gratefulness to long-term collaborative partners Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF) Japan and University of Yamanashi (ICRE) Japan, Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Management Board (KVWSMB), Groundwater Resource Development Board (GWRDB), WaterAid Nepal, Institute of Engineering at Tribhuvan University (IoE/TU),  Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand, Institute for Global Environment Strategies (IGES) Japan, Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), Small Earth Nepal (SEN), Water Modeling Solutions (WMS), S4W Nepal, and others who have directly or indirectly contributed for water environment research and development of Nepal through CREEW.

Looking back on its formative years, CREEW is humble to the team effort of the founding members of the organization and the working staffs who laid solid foundation upon which the subsequent board members and the staffs successfully brought to this day, the 10th Anniversary of CREEW.

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